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Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 10/15

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Lake Conditions

Water temp - 69 degrees

Lake Level - 912, 3 feet low

I spent the weekend fishing on Table Rock around the dam area. This is one of my favorite lakes to fish simply due to the presence of largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky bass. It often seems as if these three fish pattern in distinct ways which increases our odds of finding the fish. The lower end of the lake seems to hold more smallmouth and Kentucky's which is what we had more luck with on this trip. This weekend held spotty rain and multiple cold fronts which made the bite tough. The fish were a bit scattered throughout the weekend. Prior to these pressure fronts, the fish were holding deep off of main lake points and suspended above trees. The fronts held some fish deep while the dropping water temps got the shad, and therefore the bass, moving up into the creek arms. There was a timid yet present reaction bate bite in the back of creeks. I caught several keeper length Kentucky's on shad colored Chatterbaits and white spinnerbaits in about 12 feet of water. These fish were coming out of isolated timber on the last held depth of the cove. We also caught a few out of the same areas with a PB&J Ned Rig. The other bite that was present came on fish that seemed to be in transition. Several keeper smallmouth, including a few greater than 16" were caught on shallow pockets in long coves. These bites usually came off of rock transitions from chunk rock to pea gravel. The quality fish were caught on a 1 oz. football jig, again PB&J colored. The depth of these fish seemed to vary from 4'-12' depending on where the structure was. Slow rolling the jig back to the boat and letting it sit for a few seconds mid-retrieve seemed to be what was getting the bites. Overall it was a tough weekend of fishing but one of those that ended up being rewarding after you figured out the pattern a bit. Definitely a weekend that improves your success down the line. No giants were caught but some of the quality fish that keeps you coming back to Table Rock again and again. Wish I would have taken more pictures!

Had fun fishing a few days solo as well as with long-time buddies Jaron, and Ryan. I should fish with them more often!

Had fun fishing a few days solo as well as with long-time buddies Jaron, and Ryan. I should fish with them more often!

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